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Be a member of a dedicated network of conservancy rangers who are well-supported, professionally competent, motivated, accountable, and represented in their work as stewards of wildlife and people's rights and cultures.

Your contribution and involvement continue to promote the most important on-the-ground conservation efforts to protect wildlife and sustain indigenous people. As an AWCRK member, you can be confident that you are part of a wonderful team working to protect wildlife in conservancies and promote conservation at community landscapes.

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Membership Guidlines and Code of Conduct

The code of conduct for the Association are designed to ensure high level of integrity, respect to the profession and self-governing. As a member of the Wildlife Conservancy Rangers Association, you are required to adhere to the code of conduct of the organization, which are guided by the values that define the organization’s existence. These values and code of conduct illustrates the larger picture of association membership.

Membership Registration Form

Download the Registration form and be on your way to becoming a member of The Association Of Wildlife Conservancy Rangers Kenya. You are welcome on Board.

Advantages of Becoming a Member

Events participations

As a member wildlife ranger, you will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of events that will help you develop your professional career and improve your work performance.

Participate in Learning and Exchange programs

Via annual coordinated activities including the conservancy rangers exchange program, you can network and exchange ideas and experiences with other conservancy rangers both locally and globally.

Access professional development resources

As a member, you will have access to several professional development resources, as well as reading guides, publications, reports and newsletters to help you advance your career as a conservancy ranger and in the conservation sector.

Get Mentorship

Through our mentorship program, you get the opportunity to be a mentor or a mentee that allows you to learn more about the conservation sector, conservancies and wildlife. Mentorship relationships have proven to be far superior to paying money to a self-proclaimed expert.

Be Heard, Share your story!

The Association of Conservancy Rangers in Kenya offers the ability to combine rangers' voices into one. This gives you the opportunity to discuss policy reforms and regulations that can impact your profession as a conservancy ranger. As an associate member, your organization will have the opportunity to enhance your brand and share your story, including your landscape conservation challenges by being cited in high-profile reports. Visibility in our reports may also bring about funding, partnerships, and organizational support.

The requirements for full membership in the Association are as follows, and applications are reviewed on a regular basis by the Association's management committee.

  • Be employed by a legally established wildlife conservancy recognized by KWS and/or KWCA.
  • Be employed as a ranger by a conservation institution with activities in community and private lands.
  • Agrees to be bound by AWCRK constitution.
  • Subscribe to the Code of Conduct of the Association
  • Assent to and be guided by the Conservancy Rangers Standard Operating Procedure
  • Pays the annual membership fees as stipulated by the constitution.

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