The Association of Wildlife Conservancies Rangers in Kenya (AWCRK)
is a non-profit Membership Organization that Represents the Interests of Conservancy Rangers in Kenya.

Who is a Wildlife Conservancy Ranger?

A conservancy ranger is also referred to as a wildlife scout, community ranger or wildlife conservancy ranger.
A wildlife conservancy ranger is any person who is employed or volunteers as a ranger in a community or private wildlife Conservancy as reorganized under the Wildlife laws in Kenya.
The wildlife conservancy rangers duties include monitoring wildlife, preventing poaching, engaging local communities in conservation matters, assist communities in resolving human-wildlife conflicts, and secure community and tourism assets among other assigned duties.

Our Vision

Empowered conservancy rangers supporting healthy ecosystems in Kenya


We promote the work of conservancy rangers in Kenya by improving their well-being and capacity to deliver their mandate.


Duty Bound

Wildlife Conservancy rangers discharge their duties within conservancies, community conservation areas and other designated areas managed by private landowners or corporate bodies.




Endangered Species


Hectares of Land



Rangers Role

Rangers play multiple roles, including encouraging compliance with and enforcing laws and regulations, providing information, helping to deliver programs of support, and dealing with conflicts and differing views of needs and priorities.

Stand With The Rangers

Champion the rights of Rangers and facilitate them to
discharge their duties without fear or favor.

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