Affiliated Memberships

Member of the International Ranger federations (IRF)

IRF is an international organization that actively promotes and supports the establishment of Ranger Associations all over the world in order to ensure that Rangers are better supported and represented. It is made up of established Ranger Associations, newly formed Ranger Associations, conservation organizations, and conservation-minded individuals. The Association of Wildlife Conservancy Rangers in Kenya is a proud member of IRF and collaborates in efforts to enhance the lives of conservancy rangers in Kenya.

Corporate Member of Game Rangers Association of Africa (GRAA)

The Game Rangers' Association of Africa (GRAA) was established in 1970 as a legally incorporated organization that provides networking support, equipment, and representation to game rangers across Africa. The Association of Wildlife Conservancy Rangers in Kenya is a corporate member of GRAA as a Kenyan umbrella representative of Conservancy rangers.

Affiliate Member of Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association (KWCA)

Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association was established to catalyse the sustainable growth and impacts of conservancies in community and private lands to achieve societal and environmental outcomes. KWCA focuses on facilitating conservancies to be a self-governed network that works at the highest standards of service well beyond the minimum set of standards provided in national policies.

The formation of the association of wildlife conservancy rangers in Kenya (AWCRK) was spearheaded by members of KWCA to represent conservancy rangers across the entire network of community and private conservancies in Kenya.

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS)

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) is the custodian of all wildlife conservation in Kenya including its law enforcement. KWS maintains a register of all conservancy rangers and scouts as stipulated by their Corporate policy on establishment of conservancies, and training and management of county reserve, and private and community rangers at the KWS Law Enforcement Academy (LEA) in Manyani. This is in place as part of capacity building for the entire wildlife conservation fraternity in Kenya.